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Roslyn Accounting Services, Inc now offers Information Technology and Network Security Services.


Other benefits include review of current data and voice network environment and upgrade with industry standard technology and security. 

Our company provides quality assurance with customized solutions for each client we serve with same day response.

Information Technology and Network Security Services

Roslyn Accounting Services, Inc employs dedicated IT professionals who will audit your data network and make suggestions for improved security and upgrades. Upon review and agreement, hardware and software upgrades will be installed while maintaining availability and minimal business disruptions. We have 30 years experience in the field of IT.

VOIP Phone Systems


We can set up Allworx phone system on your premises with SIP trunks and dedicated phone numbers for any employees in your office. You will also have dedicated Auto Attendant and calls will be routed to cell phones when needed. Allworx phone system can also be hosted on the cloud server.

Data Network Hardware


We can install and configure a secure network firewall for your office with multiple internal networks for traffic segregation. POE switches can provide connectivity and power for your VOIP phones, Wi-Fi routers and other devices.


We can also setup remote two-factor authentication enabled VPN access for users that work remotely and require it.

We also have an ability to provide virtual workstation access from our data center for in-house bookkeepers that do not wish to use Quickbooks online.




Network Security and Auditing


We can audit your whole network by scanning it for security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and outdated devices that are no longer supported by manufacturers. Once we produce a report we can work together to determine the best options for upgrades with minimal business disruptions. Currently we work with VMware, Veeam, Allworx, Windows Servers, Linux Servers and most widely used platforms. 


We provide trustworthy, professional, high quality service with clearly defined costs.

All inquiries are answered within a few hours.

We guarantee highest standard of security for client information and sensitive documents.

All transactions are processed the same day.

Services and applications preferences will be designed to match your needs.

Our mission is to meet individualized needs of all our clients.

We are committed to innovation. We employ the state-of-the-art equipment and reporting processes. 

Your opportunity to growth is enhanced as we endeavor to bring you the best solutions for your needs.

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