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Roslyn Accounting Services, Inc by handling your remittance processing will help your entity to reduce float time, improve cash flow and maintain accuracy.


Other benefits include reducing staff costs and increase internal control of cash receipts and deposits. 

Our company provides quality assurance with customized solutions for each client we serve with same day processing and posting.


Roslyn Accounting Services, Inc provides dedicated LockBox services utilizing state-of art technology, advanced applications, and dedicated customer service to meet the needs of the payment processing industry. On your full-time staff, we have IT professionals, CPAs and accountants. Our commitment and innovative systems enhance client relationships, revenue, lower operating costs, improve workflow, and improve efficiency. Our company is dedicated to serving clients of any size and industry.



A wholesale LockBox is a business-to-business payment that reflects a high-dollar, low volume transactions, A single check can cover multiple invoices and include other adjustments. These payments may be more complicated.



A retail LockBox is typically a customer to business payment that constitutes a higher volume, lower dollar amount transactions. In most cases, the check amount equals the amount billed. These transactions include an encoding barcode, a scan line, revealing pertinent information to capture.​








This service combines characteristics of retail and wholesale LockBox payments. Wholetail LockBox offers your customers a solution to accelerate accounts receivable processing and information delivery for both business to business and consumer to business payments.  Wholetail accounts may include checks with combination of invoices or coupons and/or checks only.  Processing follows the guidelines of the payment types received.


We provide trustworthy, professional, high quality service with clearly defined costs.

All inquiries are answered within a few hours.

We guarantee highest standard of security for client information and sensitive documents.

All transactions are processed the same day.

Services and applications preferences will be designed to match your needs.

Our mission is to meet individualized needs of all our clients.

We are committed to innovation. We employ the state-of-the-art equipment and reporting processes. 

Your opportunity to growth is enhanced as we endeavor to bring you the best solutions for your needs.

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