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Please find Stacey Mirinaviciene  MBA, CPA publications and presentations below 

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S.Mirinaviciene, Round-table Discussion in Vilnius, Lithuania: U.S. Taxation of Baltic Companies. Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry of Crafts (CCI), Vilnius, Lithuania

S.Mirinaviciene, D.Sauers. Intergration of IFRS in the US Educational System: An Overview. Conference on Economic Transformation and Business Process, Vilnius, Lithuania, September, 26-27, 2013;


S.Mirinaviciene. Changes of Accounting and Internal Control Systems for Small and Medium Enterprises and their Impact on Audit Risk Assessment: Short Overview. NYSEA Conference, Loudonville, NY, October 10-11, 2014


S.Mirinaviciene. Internal Control and Fraud Prevention: Prior Research Analysis. 9th International Scientific Conference: Accounting and Finance: On the Way of the Integration of Science and Business, Vilnius, Lithuania, November 27-28, 2014.


S.Mirinaviciene. Complex Accounting and Auditing Issues and Auditor Responsibility. 30th International Business Research Conference, Dubai, UAE, April 20-22, 2015.


S.Mirinaviciene. Progressive Strategies in Teaching Accounting Students: a Discussion. American Accounting Association Annual Meeting and Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting, Chicago, August 8-12, 2015.



Changes of Accounting and Internal Control Systems for Small and Medium Enterprises and its Impact on Audit Risk Assessment( ongoing).


Book and Tax Differences Using US GAAP and IFRS in Recording Property, Plant and Equipment, and Depreciation ( 2015).


Effective Accounting Teaching Techniques Using Computer Games and Real Life Simulations.

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