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We have experience working with start-ups and well established businesses 

Our goal is to provide the following the financial and tax related services



We establish a convenient schedule with our clients, and spend time with them analyzing their business processes which include internal controls, financial operations, and overview of data management infrastructure. We point out the shortcomings in business operations that may cause financial statements to be inconsistent, and strategize our approach appropriately. We are consistent with reporting to our clients the progress of the audit in a timely fashion, and obtaining necessary information, securely, from the clients without any disruption of their business operations.



To guarantee financial security for the future generations, constructive estate, and trust planning need to be set in place. If the family is facing a situation where business or estate ownership has to change from one family member to another, we can assist in helping to migrate assets with minimal tax liabilities. Our goal is to assist our clients in estate and asset management through planning, to ensure all proper tax procedures are followed.



Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients so that we can assist them during all periods of business development. We can analyze performance of the business, and produce accurate metrics when it comes to controlling costs, establishing accounting standards, and helping to find software that can improve efficiency.

Here are some relevant services:

  • Debt and Finances Advising

  • Business Valuations

  • Reviews, and Data Presentation.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Entity Selections, and Restructuring











We can help you to establish a solid foundation in planning your retirement so that you can maintain comfortable life style while still in the work force. We can simplify financial decision making process in such areas as: retirement plans, asset allocation, college education, insurance, and investment performance monitoring, and analysis. While building your benefits portfolio we always take in to consideration tax advantages when it’s time to file a tax return.



We perform a single or several visits to your business location, and look at all your accounting, and bookkeeping data. After careful, analysis, we make a determination if the available data follows accounting standards. We advise management what improvements should be made to establish data integrity. After due-diligence has been established, we can create financial performance reports that are clear and concise.



We can take care of all your Bookkeeping, and maintain your records on demand. If you are a startup we can create QuickBooks accounting infrastructure from scratch, and then maintain your books. If you need us to keep your books up to date with your banking transactions we can interact directly with your bank to get statements, and any other information.



If your business grows to the point where there is a need for restructuring, we can assist you in determining the best strategy when taxes and liabilities are concerned. We can help you schedule steps in the restructuring process so that it is most advantageous for you.



We can help you setup computerized payroll system, and manage your payroll remotely on a full time basis. We can make sure that all your employees get paid on time, and relevant information is at hand when filling tax returns.



It is important to implement a benefit plan for employees, and reward them for their hard work without compromising the company’s business goals. We can help you determine what would be of most value to you, and how structure a benefit portfolio. We will look at profit-sharing plans, insurance, and retirement, consider tax advantages, and implement a strategy that would be most beneficial to the success of your business.

Audits & Financial Advisory Services
Estate & Trust Planning
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