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We have experience working with start-ups and well established businesses 

Our goal is to provide the following financial and tax related services




We will look at your current cash flow and help you determine where you are overspending on critical business services. Some valued vendors to business operations may be used inefficiently, and require renegotiation or replacement. Through decades of experience we have maintained strong relationships with many companies that fall into the same vendor service categories with this data, we can help you find the most reliable vendors for critical business service needs.



We will create detailed financial models to forecast the future growth of your business. By looking at current market trends, we can determine how your company is doing compared to competition. Our analysis would also include looking at your expenses, and earnings, and comparing results to industry standard to determine how to adjust your business plan that enables you to  reach your financial goals with confidence.



We will do an in-depth analysis of your business, and identify what factors constitute its value compared to similar companies. If you are ever planning to sell your business or establish a partnership with another company it is important to identify what aspects of your business contribute most to its value. During the process of business valuation we will also take in to consideration taxation laws, and consider best accounting strategies so that you can save money.




We have over 25 years of experience preparing tax returns, and advising our clients in tax related services such as preparation, planning, and IRS Representation. Our goal is to minimize your tax liabilities, and help you achieve your financial goals while adhering to most current tax laws.



Most companies have debt and carry large payments. We can help you to look at several options while managing debt, and find a ways to reduce interest, make payments more manageable or help settle a debt. Our experience has shown that balancing your debt can open avenues to tax reduction related savings.




We have taxation experience working with companies that have subsidiaries abroad or establishments outside of United States. We also work with foreign citizens who currently work in United States, and provide them with tax related services.



We have allot of experience dealing with IRS, our track record with numerous cases over a two decades made us proficient while dealing with bureaucracy at various government and state offices while helping to resolve a tax related issues.


If you are being audited we will help you prepare so that you have nothing to worry about when auditor shows up at your doorstep.


We will be the point of contact for you while dealing with IRS, and make sure that IRS get what they need to conduct an audit quickly.


If you are planning to sell your business or merge with another company we can help you to create a selling, and negotiations strategy. We will carefully analyze the financial structure of your company, and determine what is the best selling price. We will also look at tax advantages, and processes that have to be considered during the selling process. Another important aspect that will be taken in to consideration is how cash processes will be affected while business ownership is transitioned from one entity to another.




We provide forensic accounting services such as fraud investigations, damage calculations, audits, IT Infrastructure security evaluations, court litigation support, and representation. We can organize complex financial, and forensic concepts in to clear and easily comprehensible displays and reports.


As forensic accountants our goal is to substantiate, and verify financial damage or disprove it if needed. Our analysis of your financial data systems can help you informatively approach due-diligence process.


We can provide you with well researched, and clear report that can positively affect your financial gains in case of litigation.

We have experience performing forensic investigations for the following industries: restaurant chains, hotels, real estates, factories overseas, and abroad, and other industries.

Tax Preparation
IRS Representation
Business Valuation
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